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  1. Click on which exam you’ll be taking from the list below.
  2. Enter your email address. Hit Start >
  3. YOU create YOUR OWN password in case you need to save and restart the test. Hit Start >
  4. Enter the password provided by NPTI via chat or in-person. Hit Continue.
  5. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Email. Hit Start
  6. On the next screen verify you’re taking the correct exam by confirming with the exam title. You should see question #1 of the exam. You’re in!
  7. There is a link under the title of the exam that will let you “See all questions.” If you make a note of a question number you’d like to revisit, you can jump back to it using this feature. You need the question number.
  8. Please make sure you click the button to confirm you’re done and exit the exam.
  9. Thanks!

Facility Operator Exam

Facility Operator Course (Class A, B, C Operators)

Facility Operator Course (Class A, B, C Operators) – Retake

Fuel Tank Manager Exam

STI SP001 Exam

STI SP001 Exam – Retake

UST Inspector Exam